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Why is climbing on Elbrus more safety from the north than from the south?

Pastuchov's Rocks which are situated on the south side of Elbrus are two sharp lifting with open ice. Every year the Ministry of Emergency Measures fixes about ten accidents in this area being tired after the climbing, the person breaks on the abrupt ice, flies by, being accelerated; steam of hundreds meters and takes off on stones.
There is a smoother and an acclimatization mode on the northern side (without application of lifts). There are not such dangerous sites, beside hours instead of eleven for the south side.

Note that ensure your safety during the journey is the main task of any conductor. But in advertising of tour agencies are not mentioned about the fact that each year Elbrus takes lives of those who inattentively refer to this harsh giant or trusts to non-qualified guides, for those who "sells" the climbing to Elbrus and those who really leads you to the mountain usually are the different people.

In this case, you immediately begin to communicate with a man who has already committed himself for 30 years to the preservation the life and health of climbers of all ages that anybody is able to be experience the joy to see The Great Caucasian Ridge from the top of Elbrus, the panorama from the Black Sea to the Caspian, returned home healthy, charged and not frostbitten.
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