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    Nikolay Petrovich Olejnikov - the founder of Northern shelter on Elbrus, is nearly 40 years dealing with mountaineering, since 1978 - in a life-saving service of the Central Caucasus.
    For more than 20 years he was working as the rescuer, was studying Elbrus and it specificity - wind rose, weather, conditions of people state during lifting.

    The basic problem became obvious - why during climbing a lot of people simply died:
    having climbed on the south side on the top and weakened after climbing people simply couldn’t get over the saddle to go down back.
    After dinner the weather on Elbrus always changes - strong wind, absence of visibility on the north usually spoils and climbers are simply blown off on northern slope, where no civilization existed, except shepherds, and that only in summer months.

    In 1990 Nikolay Petrovich has begun building of the first stationary hut on northern slope of Elbrus - details on the page about how did the northern shelter appear… Now Olejnikov's hut (northern shelter) can contain to 50 persons simultaneously.
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