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Question: I don't have boots for climbing, can you pick up?
The answer: it is better to have the boots because carefully picked up footwear won't rub a foot. But if you inform in advance the size we will pick up.

Question: The Cross? Go down to the South side? Other changes in the program/route?
The answer: If it is possible to provide safety changes are probably. Call - we will agree!

Question: Whether is it possible to do without hotel booking in Kislovodsk or Pyatigorsk, and to remove more cheaply habitation in a private sector?
The answer: Yes, certainly. It is possible to remove habitation in a private sector. Residing variants in Pyatigorsk and on CMW are diversity.

Question: During what periods it is possible to climb and what the minimum age
The answer: its possible to climb all year round, but it is desirable from June till October. In the rest of the time - an extreme :) Ten years' boy Dima Turovsky accompanied by the father climbed on the east top in 2010.

Question: I am 58 years old, whether it is possible for me to carry out dream under the most sparing scheme to climb at last on Elbrus!
The answer: the age has no value.

Question: And if we want to use not all volume of services of tour, but only a meeting at the station and base on northern shelter for 10-12 days? Ah yes, after all we are also the different states now, how with any registration?
The answer: It is possible to order not a full complex of services. Inform terms what exactly you plan. We will provide registration to you.

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