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Climbing cost includes 10 days travel - from a meeting (at the airport of Mineral Waters or at the station of Kislovodsk) before returning with a climbing on the top of Elbrus.
Thus, you shouldn't spend the night in a tent at height of almost 4000 meters (the beginning of glacier from which everybody begins the climbing to Elbrus).

All our huts, including a spacious dining room, are made of steel, heated, and will allow as follow to have a rest and gain strength for the climbing. There are no other stationary constructions (except a carriage of rescuers) at this height (from North side of Elbrus).

By the way, it is possible to spend the night on a hut without the climbing purpose on the top of Elbrus, staying at such height already an adventure in itself.

Coming back to figures: 3-6 nights are included in the climbing cost on a hut, depending on weather which not always starts up from the first attempt; and also all transfers, 3 single food, accommodation in the camp at height 2500, in the neighborhood with a silver spring and friendly camp of the Ministry of Emergency Measures, work of drivers, cooks and guides.

At comparison of the prices necessarily to consider the experience of those who will lead you to the top. After the entire one who has risen to Elbrus even one time, can do it one more time. But it strongly depends on luck, and to trust the life to a case on this terrible giant we will not advise to anybody. It is better to fall down in time to return to a warm small house and to wait a bad weather, than to wait the moment when it is clear that it is necessary to throw literally everything, and to escape through a snow storm, risking will fail in a crack.
Therefore it is possible to trust only to skilled guides, and the most skilled is Yury Roshchin (in respect of climbing to Elbrus from the north) you hardly will find, and if you find, it will be our person ;)

And still - we don't demand an advance payment and it is always possible agree with us in case of non-standard situations - human relations above any business.
Please, call us:
+7 928 013 8604,
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