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The climbing program to Elbrus from North side

1 day.
Meeting at the airport of Mineral Water or at railway station, placing in Kislovodsk in a reloading point or hotel (it is reserved in advance, for add fee).
Supper, acquaintance, introductory conversation, check and equipment updating. We leave all superfluous in a city. It will be possible to start our trip from Kislovodsk.

Why it is impossible to go at once from the airport to Elbrus?
In the end of a way, at a valley of Emanuelja we should cross the mountain river which after 12 o'clock in the afternoon spreads and to move her without adventures not always possible. When summer cold or in his most beginning when the river quiet, certainly there are exceptions. But thanks to that we follow a rule of 12 hours, our cars never turned over in the river though to pull out others is necessary periodically.

2 day.
Early in the morning, after breakfast, we go to a foot of Elbrus, in a camp at height of 2500 m., with a dining room and a bath, near the «silver» mineral spring and friendly camp of the Ministry of Emergency Measures. The slow road from Kislovodsk occupies 3-4 hours, on the way we admire mountain plateaus and the ridges, the blossoming meadows, the coming nearer Elbrus, periodically we stop, photograph and drink tea or coffee.

Group to 6 persons — UAZ
6-10 persons — 2 UAZ
It is more than 10 persons —Bus with four-wheel drive

After arrival and a dinner on a valley of Huts-khans-sous («silver water»), we walk in camp surroundings — mineral waters in the Dzhily-sou swimming bath, falls, Kalinov bridge, German airdrome etc. Then it is time for supper.

3 day.
Breakfast and acclimmatizational exit on a Lakkolit-hut (3780 m.) with leaving heavy personal things there. At desire, it is possible to employ the porter, lifting of personal equipment of person, will manage to everyone in 200 rubles per kg.
Dinner on a hut, go down to the bottom camp, a supper. We go down and spend the night below (on 2500 m.) for the best acclimatization.

4 day.
Not very quickly we rise on a hut to spend 2-3 days there, to forget about vanity and to climb to the top of Elbrus.
As usual a breakfast in 8 a.m., a dinner in 14 p.m., a supper at 19-20 p.m.

5 day.
Breakfast, acclimmatizational exit on rocks of Lenz 4600 — 4800 m., depending on weather and a group condition.

Acclimatization at height should be active — not enough advantage of that has reached a mark, and has then laid down and lie. It is necessary to walk, move, "turns".

6 day.
Day of rest before the climbing. Equipment adjustment. Training on ice for beginners. If the group active and well feels, it is possible to walk on «prawn» lake, "mushrooms" or other local sights.
We go to bed earlier.

7 day.
Climbing on the western top of Elbrus.
Start in 1-3 nights, depending on weather.
The climbing usually occupies 8-9 hours, go down — 3-4 hours.

8-9 day.
Reserve on a bad weather case. The main danger of Elbrus — sharp change of weather. Happens that it is necessary to be developed downwards both from rocks of Lenz and for 300 meters to top. It is better to repeat attempt next day or every other day —we have not to risk your life.

9-10 day.
Going down and returning in a city
Please, call us:
+7 928 013 8604,
+7 928 651 0625