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Besides safety, there are other positive sides of the climbing to Elbrus from the north side:

- Shorter and more scenic route (3 hours from Kislovodsk), no posts DPS document checking and extra notes, Baksan valley ... Before Terskol, from the same Kislovodsk we will go for 5-6 hours.

- Free swimming in narzan springs, areas of abnormal activity.

- On the south side of Elbrus there are more motor vehicles - the cableway, snowcat, snowmobiles, helicopters .. But if you want to test their own strength and to see the wild beauty of Elbrus region, which hasnít been touched by tourist infrastructure yet, the rise from the north in terms of purity and untouched nature is obvious winner, that why it is no wonder why foreign climbers prefer it.

On the south side you sit on the lift and you are taken to the mountain, but from the north you have to climb independently, allowing a smooth and successful acclimatization climb.
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