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For climbing on Elbrus (from the north side) it is necessary to have:

1. Hard (solid) desire to reach the peak.

We will provide the correct acclimatization and solving all questions on delivery, catering facilities and accommodation, accompany and preserve you, but the opportunity to rise to Elbrus will depend only from you. Anybody in normal physical form is capable for it.

2. Suitable clothes and equipment:

  • wind-shelter and fleece suit
  • thermo linen, 2 pairs of thermo socks
  • down jacket
  • fleece glovers, down mitts or wool
  • trainers for tracking, boots under a cat
  • sun glasses/mask, forehead small lamp
  • a sun-protection cream with maximum degree of protection, hygienic lipstick
  • a sleeping bag, a skin, a backpack of 50-70 liters, small thermos
  • cats, sticks, safety system with two carbines.

    3. The ticket to Mineralnye vody or Kislovodsk

    The cost of ten days program of climbing on Elbrus from the airport to the airport all inclusive, except equipment hire: transfer-picturesquire road along blossoming meadows and mountain rivers, accommodation, including living in Nothern Shelter (Lskkolit's hut) you will have no need for tent and you can sleep well before the climbing in a warm hut, three meals a day, payment of the guides and cooks.

    By the way, Pyatigorsk can be considered as a capital of the Russian mountaineering the first climbing to Elbrus under the direction by General Emmanuel has begun there.

    We offer you a chance to reach the peak of Elbrus from north side along the way of first conquerors - to visit untouched civilization area of Northern Prielbrusje, to see the nature in such view that it has appeared before participants of the first expedition to Elbrus in 1829. Northern Prielbrusje also has now kept the primordial form.

    During the climbing to Elbrus, among the stiffened lava streams covered with enormous glaciers, you will get rid of cargo of daily vanity, enjoy nature. We have developed a route and such program of acclimatization and the organization of climbing, which practically guarantees success of climbing to Elbrus. Smooth lifting wide experience and qualification of guides accompanying you here pledge of a successful climbing to Elbrus from the north side.

    Northern variant of climbing is the most beautiful. There are also monuments of history, archeology, wide range of mineral source and monuments of nature. The road from Kislovodsk to the most ancient resort of Dzily-sou is remembered for whole life.
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